Day 11: Hoi-An

We're now in Hoi-An, the fashion city of Vietnam, it's full of tailors and clothes shop.

I bought a 100% silk tie for less than 3$ (I don't know what I'll do with a tie, I don't even know how to put on a tie, but it comes in a cool box with cuff lings...).

I also order a custom-made jacket for just 20$ (they measured me and everything), it will be ready tomorrow (well since I'm actually writing this post on day 12, it will be ready today...).

Rotem ordered a custom-made silk dress for also 20$ (we went through like 20 shops until she found the exact color of fabric she wanted...).

It's a nice town, kinda hot, but there's enough shade.

We went for a swim in the hotel pool (haven't been in a pool for over 10 years...), it was fun.

Not much more to say, this is a shopping town, the people here live at their stores (I mean that literally...).

The people here seem to get offended really quick when you bargain and offer a price that is too low (some told us to go away...).


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