Day 17: Mui-Ne

Today we took a bus from Da-Lat to Mui-Ne, and now we're at a hotel/resort called "Little Mui-Ne Cottages", it's very nice here, it sits directly on the beach and we have ocean view from our room.

I'm writing this post on the hotel's Dell Inspiron 700m, it's a 12.1" laptop, it's cute but a little too small, and the reflective screen is one of the most annoying things I have ever worked with, it does look quite sharp, but it's hard to see anything with all of the reflections from the sun (I'm under a roof, but there's sun coming in from the outside).
This experience has made more sure that the choice of Dell D630 is the right one. (also, the keyboard is a little too small, but maybe it's the vietnamese characters on the keyboard that are confusing me...).

I've also had a chance to play a little with ACDSee 10 Photo Manager and it's really comfortable (I used it to resize&rotate the photos I uploaded).

Maybe later I'll upload some photos of the hotel and the view (I'm tried from uploading all of the photos of the previous post...).

Well, I'm going to the pool... bye for now.


Cool blog, cool photos.
It looks like you are having alot of fun!
keep on the good work.

BTW they are no so used to beards, that why they are so surprised by that.

Dash to Rotem.
Keep it safe.

PS what do you think about the Entity framework? :)
David Elentok said…
Well, I've only read about the Entity Framework, haven't had a chance to really play with it, but it looks very promising.

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