Day 6: Halong Bay, Cat-Ba Island and a laundry attempt

After breakfast we were picked up by the group tour bus and drove for about 3 hours to Halong Bay (during which talked to a nice Englishman who told us about his trip to China).
When we got to Halong Bay we went on a four hour cruise to Cat-Ba island (I was asleep for about three of them due to the motion sickness pill), the view is absolutely amazing, thousands of giant mountains.

After the cruise we reached the hotel, where we tried to do our laundry by ourself (the hotel wanted around 30$ for it). Since it was so darn moist, everything stayed wet and we had to use a hair drier to dry them.

Some photos:

Huan Kiem lake:

Some Halong Bay Photos:

View from the hotel on Cat-Ba island:


didi said…
היי דויד

קראתי בקפדנות ובהנאה כל מילה שכתבת
נהניתי מההומור, מהאבחנות של העם הויטנמי ומהתמונות
טיילנו במקביל אליכם ולא שמענו מילה עברית- וטוב שכך- אולי


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