Day 8: Monkey Island and more

Today we went on a three hour cruise around the islands (which I'm glad to say I survived without taking motion-sickness pills), we saw Tortoise Island and Monkey Island, we collected some cool shells on some island, and saw how the local people grow big-ass fish and all sorts of sea shells and stuff.

After the cruise we took a fast ferry back to the coast, and from there we took a car back to Hanoi, and now I'm lying on the bed, watching Friends on StarWorld and writing this blog post.

Since I'm writing these posts from my pocket pc I can't upload any photos. I hope I can upload some photos soon.

Well, good bye for now, have a great weekend!.

EDIT: Some photos:

Yours truly after breakfast, and in the back you can see the view from the hotel restaurant:

Top deck of the boat:

Tortoise Island:

Battle-Rooster: (they've got rooster fights here, this guy doesn't look so good, but since he's still alive it probably means he won...)

Sea star: (or whatever these things are called)

Rotem on board of the floating fishing village:

I think that little black spot on the top left is an eagle flying around the huge crusts:

Monkey Island:


eshed said…
Monkey Island ^_^
Boris said…
Eshed, I so knew you would comment on monkey island.

Did you see pirates BTW?
David Elentok said…
sorry, no pirates... unless you count people who try to sell you overpriced stuff from their boats...
Anonymous said…
Dany here,

DUDE! that's no eagle in the photo, it's a UFO!
salty-horse said…
That's so not Monkey Island. No They're probably keeping the real one a secret.

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