Changing Firebug's hotkeys

I'm using firefox with two extensions that use the same hotkeys: Firebug (for web debugging) and (for online bookmarking).

After some digging I found that firebug keeps its keybinding settings in this file:

To change the default key for firebug's "Focus Command Line" command look for this line:

<key id="key_focusCommandLine" key="l" modifiers="accel,shift"
class="fbOnlyKey" command="cmd_focusCommandLine"/>

and change it to:

<key id="key_focusCommandLine" key_code="VK_F2"
class="fbOnlyKey" command="cmd_focusCommandLine"/>

And restart firefox.

Now, when you press F2 it will focus on firebug's command line.


XYNTA said…
Thanks for that tip, but I didn't find in that file string describing behavior of «enable\disable firebug» hot-key :( I need my F12 free really bad. I would be very grateful if only you could help me with this.

Sorry for my probably bad english
David Elentok said…
In the same directory as firebugOverlay.xul there's a file called browserOverlay.xul, open it and search for "VK_F12". You will see two occurrences, one for key_toggleFirebug and one for key_detachFirebug.

I hope this helps.
Jason said…
Thanks for the tip :) firebug should just provide a simple ui for changing shortcuts~ well, extensions in general probably should

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