Todo 0.1.2

I've been looking for a decent todo-list application for a very long time, and last week I decided to write one, I call it "Todo" (I know, it's very original...).

It's features include:
  • Hierarchical tasks (each task can have sub tasks)
  • Sorts the tasks by "Vague" dates ("Past", "Today", "Tommorow", "This Week", "This Weekend", "Next Week" and "Somewhere in the future")
  • Dark background (can be changed via the "Todo.exe.config" file).
  • Each task has a notes area (multiline textbox)
  • Each task can have links to URLs, files and folders (which will open by double clicking or pressing Enter on them)
  • Keyboard shortcuts.

Download version



Afik said…
going to use it :)
first thing todo will be start a blog
Davy said…
hi, the link is bbroken. Can you please sendme acopy ?

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