My High-Definition Kit

Every time I need to install the required software to play HD videos properly I start looking for links, so I decided to put everything in one place:

If you want some more control over the audio (surround sound, etc...) the you can also install AC3Filter.

Make Media Player Classic work with ffdshow:

By default, Media Player Classic uses its own codecs to play the videos, but I want it to use ffdshow (better performance with HD videos) so under "View -> Options -> Internal Filters" disable all checkboxes:

Make the keyboard's volume buttons change the master volume (instead of Media Player Classic's volume):
  • Open View -> Options -> Player -> Keys
  • Find the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" commands
  • Change the "App Command" cell from "VOLUME_UP"and "VOLUME_DOWN" to empty.

Enable hebrew subtitles:
  • Open "ffdshow -> Video decoder configuration" from the start menu
  • Enable the "Subtitles" checkbox (so the subtitles will be on by default)
  • Set the "Charset" to "Hebrew"


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