Restart the Windows File Sharing Service to fix weird problems

Every once in a while I get this annoying problem where I can't a access my windows shares from other computers on the network, and the only way to get it it to work again is to restart windows. I recently found out that to avoid restarting windows all you need to do is restart the "Server" service: - Win+R => "services.msc" - Right click "Server" and click restart.


Anonymous said…
Thank you very much, that saved me lots of time!
Ma'ña Bräu said…
i have the same problem mounting windows file systems onto my unix box, i tried restarting the "server" as you suggest by didn't get any joy so i took a stab at restarting a few other services, eventually restarting "Network Location Awareness" which restarts the "Network List Service" and it came good. thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thanks mate!
Jeremy Salmons said…
Create a batch file like this:

@echo off
net stop "Server"

net start "Server"

Then create a basic task in task scheduler to restart a program pointing to this file every 30 minutes. Run as administrator.
Alex P. said…
Hello! It's worked also for me!No need to restart our servers!Thanks again!

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