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Day 12: Still Hoi-An

Hi everyone,

We went shopping until noon, and then came back to the hotel for a refreshing dip in the pool. While swimming one of the screws in my eyeglasses got loose and my lens fell off, so I went to the reception and told them (there was a swimming class in the hotel pool at the same time and I didn't want anyone to get cut by it), they went to the pool and ask the swimming instructors to dive and search for it, and they found it!

I picked up the jacket and it came out very nice so I also ordered a shirt.

Unfortunately, Rotem didn't have much luck with the dress, we came to the shop to find a dirty dress (full of stains everywhere), the stripes were made from old material that got partially yellow from the sun (it was supposed to be white) and the dress was very far from what she asked for (they ignored a lot of details from the photo of the dress she gave them), after arguing with them for about two hours (we had to go back and forth twice because the one that made the dress wasn't there, and then they forgot the photo at their house) and getting some insults from the very rude tailor we managed to get back half of the deposit.

It was very disrespectful of them to try and sell us old and dirty fabric hoping we wouldn't notice. When I bought my jacket and shirt, they tailors were very nice (HOA cloth shop) and the fabric was clean and everything was perfect on the first time.

I'm actually writing this post at the morning of day 13, and now we're going on a guided tour to some of Hoi-An's temples and ancient bridges.

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