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Day 15: The road to Da-Lat

Since I couldn't post this yesterday (wi-fi problems) I'm posting this on day 16, so just read this as if it was yesterday...

Last night we landed in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and today we took a bus to Da-Lat (8~9 hours ride... but it was quite a comfortable ride and time passed a lot faster than I thought).

Da-Lat is an amazing place, it looks a little like a European ski town (except for all of the vietnamese people and the thousands of motorbikes....)

When we reached the hotel there was a power shortage (there are a lot these all over Vietnam) so we went for a walk in the town. They night life here is very similar to Eilat.

For some reason I can no longer upload photos from the pocketpc to blogger, so I'll upload some photos when I get a chance.

Edit: Some photos:

View from the hotel:

Interesting house on the way to the town center:

Da-Lat at night:

Weird stuff on the menu (Ant eater??):

A little frog we met on the way back to the hotel (probably escaped from some restaurant...):

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