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Day 21: Cao-Dai and Cu-Chi tunnels

Today, we went on a group tour to the Cao-Dai temple and the Cu-Chi tunnels.

During the three hour drive, I finished Monkey Island 2 and started Maniac Mansion.

On the way to the Cao-Dai temple we stopped at a place where they make all sorts of boxes, vases and stuff. In these photos you can see them adding patterns to the items using egg shells and broken sea shells:

Cao-Dai is a religion that is a combination of Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity. This is what the Cao-Dai temple looks like from the outside:

And from the inside:

During the service:

After the Cao-Dai temple we went to eat lunch and then about an hour and a half ride to the Cu-Chi tunnels (again, an hour of playing Maniac Mansion...).

These tunnels where used to fight the Americans, the people would live inside them, cook, sleep, everything.

Here you can see the guide trying to fit into this super-small hole:

This is what the hole looks like from the inside:

This is one of the booby traps they used:

When someone steps on it, it flips and that someone falls on poison-covered spikes:

Here's an M41 tank:

And some more booby traps:

They would use the metal from American bombs to build booby traps (those are dummies in the photos...):

Here's me standing on top of one of the tunnels entrances (as you can see I can't even fit my legs in there):

In the souvenir shop there were some toys made out of bullets:

Rotem coming out of one of the tunnels (I didn't go in because I'm not a big fan of small-closed spaces...):

The smoke from the underground kitchen comes out through several holes in the ground so it can't be easily noticed from the outside:

They were wearing sandals made out of tires:

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