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Day 5: Cat-Cat and Ta-Phin villages

This morning we ate breakfast (cooked by our guide)

Now we're back at the hotel, in a few minutes we'll head back out to visit some of the other villages in the area, and in the evening we will take the night train back to Hanoi.

I'll post some more photos when we have more time.

Edit: We're back at the hotel after visiting Cat-Cat village.

In a couple of hours we'll head out to see Ta-Phin village.

(by the way, we're taking about 200 photos/day each, which means around 10,000 photos for the entire trip...).

Some photos: (I also updated the previous post with more photos)

Rice for planting:

"You buy from me?" (again):

"What are you looking at?":

Hatuli junior:

The Love Stream:

Two kids trying to make noodle soup:

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