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Hue and the horrible night bus

We're now in Hanoi, we just ate breakfast.

The night bus from Hanoi to Hue was one of the most uncomfortable vehicles I ever been in, I think I could have gotten better sleep on a normal bus.

First of all, it's designed for small people, now, I'm 1.73 meters high (not that tall, but taller than the average vietnamese guy) and I barely had any room for my feet, I woke up every hour or so to rearrange my legs in a different position.

At the first and last couple of hours (when we were inside cities) you couldn't sleep because the damn driver kept honking like every five seconds, these guys honk every time they see a motorbike to tell it to get the hell out of theur way.

After all of the beds were full, they brought in some vietnamese people who slept on the floor between the beds, they stuffed the bus with people as if we were chickens. On one side I had this annoying vietnamese kid, and on the other side an annoying vietnamese lady (I think I bought something in her store earlier today, not sure...) who didn't stop talking for like two hours (with her friend and on the phone).

Whenever someone wanted to go to the bathroom they would try to climb over the people in the passage ways (somebody stepped on the store lady and she smacked him).

The last two hours (after there were no more extra passangers) were actually the best the sleep I had in all of the bus ride (I was probably too tired to hear all of the honking).

(by the way, it was a 14 hour ride...)

We're now off to travel Hue, good bye for now.

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