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Back to XP

Well, that didn't last for long... but I had to check it out for myself.

Why? for several reasons:

  1. Hibernation was way too slow, over one minute to hibernate is way too much, with XP it's about 30 seconds. And usually when I need to hibernate, it has to be done as fast as possible.
  2. Sleep was also very slow, about 15 seconds compared to XP's 5~10 seconds.
  3. Performance in power-save mode is quite slow (One time on XP when I plugged it in, for some reason it didn't switch to high-performance mode and I didn't notice until I opened System Properties and saw the CPU speed was 800MHz...).
  4. I'm tired of constantly tweaking and disabling parts of Vista that cause lots of HD grinding. I don't want my computer to do things without me telling it to.

So, I'm now back on my good old XP, and maybe when KDE 4.1 comes out I'll give Ubuntu another try.

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