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Day 2 - Old quarter

It was a beautiful snowy morning here in Prague, in the next photo you can see the snowy view from our hotel room:

Here we are standing in the snow:

The architecture is beautiful, these buildings are enormous, you can't really capture their presence in photos, but i'll try anyway:

This is the statue of the Maharal which according to legends created the Golem to protect the jews of Prague from anti-semitic actions:

According to legends this statue is of a knight that murdered his wife and was punished for it by turning into stone and he can only be saved by the love of a young girl in a special moment once every 100 years:

This is the city library (it's gigantic!):

and this is an interesting book statue in the library's lobby:

These shots were taken from the top of the clock tower of the old city hall building:

Some more photos from around the city:

What? it's freezing in here:

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