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An annoying windows stutter...

A couple of months ago there my desktop computer started doing this annoying stutter, every 15-30 seconds it would just pause everything (audio, video, mouse, keyboard), and I couldn't figure out why, I tried uninstalling stuff I didn't need anymore, ran CCleaner, several anti-spyware software, stopped unnecessary services, I even tried to stop "explorer.exe", but nothing, it still stuttered.

Yesterday my laptop died on me (probably the overheating nvidia chip problem), and it will probably take some time until it fixed, so I took another shot at fixing the annoying stutter.

After googling more about the stutter I saw two forum posts about faulty wireless adapters that caused the system to stutter. I then remembered that in the last winter there was a really strong lightning one night that fried the built-in ethernet card on the computer (since then I've been using a pci ethernet card), so I tried to disabling the built-in card in the device and the stutter stopped!!!

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