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QTodoTxt - Cross-platform todo.txt GUI

Hi everyone,

About a week ago I noticed the todotxt-touch android application which uses a simple text file to store tasks (see http://todotxt.com/) and uses Dropbox to synchronize the file between the mobile phone and other computers.

I liked the idea of using a simple text file, but I couldn't find a good editor for this format so I decided to write one. Since I use both Linux and Windows I decided to use PySide (LGPL Qt bindings for Python).

Screenshot on Ubuntu 11.04:

Screenshot on Windows 7:

It's still in beta stages, but it's usable (I'm already using it), I will release a proper version with an installer a .deb package for Ubuntu very soon (I hope in a couple of days).

If you want to try it you can get the latest version from https://bitbucket.org/3david/qtodotxt

It's been a while since I did cross-platform desktop programming and I have to say I really enjoyed it, it took me a couple of days but once I got the hang of Qt and PySide I started to progress pretty fast.

I used Aptana Studio 3.0 as an IDE and I must say it has really matured since the last time I used it, the intellisense isn't as good as Visual Studio's, but that's just because Python is a dynamic language and as such it is very difficult to implement good intellisense.

Another thing I liked was the startup time is very quick (less than second on Windows and almost instantaneous on Ubuntu).


To install on Linux:

  • Install PySide (in ubuntu: sudo apt-get install python-pyside)
  • Download the qtodotxt source code (see "get source" on the right) and extract it
  • Execute bin/qtodotxt (you might need to run chmod a+x qtodotxt)

To install on Windows:

I don't have a Mac to try it on, but it should be similar.

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