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Exporting (hebrew) contacts from a Motorola i876 phone

On Windows:

  • Install iDEN PhoneBook Manager (if you have hebrew contacts, you MUST select "Hebrew" when installing it, otherwise it will mess up your contacts).
  • If you're using the Hebrew interface and it looks like gibberish, you need to go to "Region and Language" in the control panel, and under the "Administrative" tab select "Change system locale" and change it to Hebrew (you'll have to restart).
  • On your phone enter:
    • Main Menu (תפריט ראשי)
    • Settings (הגדרות)
    • Connections (חיבורים)
    • USB
    • Check Data Modem (מודם)
  • Launch the iDEN PhoneBook manager
  • Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable
  • Select "Load from Phone"
  • It will load the contacts from the phone (the phone will reboot)
  • If you wish you can print the contacts by pressing "Print"
  • Press "Continue"
  • Press "Save to File", it will ask you were to store the mdb file (access database).

On Linux (I'm using Ubuntu):

  • In a terminal run:
sudo apt-get install mdbtools
MDB_JET3_CHARSET=iso-8859-8 mdb-export contacts.mdb tblContactList > output.csv

Now you can open the CSV file with Excel, Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice or import it directly into google contacts (haven't tried the last one, but I think it's possible).

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