Back to Hanoi

We're back in Hanoi (after taking the night train), we went to see the flower market and Hoan Kiem lake where we saw hundreds of people (mostly old people) doing morning workouts (walking, running, taichi, etc...)

Now we're back at the hotel and in about an hour we leave for Halong Bay.


Boris K(tm) said…
Hi guys,

I just read your blog for all the past days. Didn't have much time lately as I have been to the university and the wedding most of the time.

The pictures are great. The little cat is cute (don't eat him.... please!). No Dudi in pictures though.

The wedding was great, there were giant monkeys and such. Very entertaining. Don't buy drugs but if you see a cellphone jammer.... (remeber that it's ilegal here)

Ok I am off to sleep... another long day at the army tomorrow. Tula and Anna say hi (actualy Tula said MEOW! MEOW! but I think it means "hi" or "feed me" don't know which)

Have a nice trip and don't eat anything uncooked :)

eshed said…
I'll talk to Boris, make him see things my way... Don't worry, eat as many cats as you want. Just don't eat them raw. That's just evil :)

Anyway, your pictures are awesome--meeting small people, taking pictures of the wild life in Nam. I envy you guys... Continue having fun!


p.s. click my name above for a surprise.
David Elentok said…
Wow, looks like it was really cool wedding, it sucks that we couldn't make it.

I'm happy to see that you guys are looking at the blog.

I hope everything is ok back in Israel.

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