Dell D630 + Windows 7/Vista + Bluetooth

For some reason the default Bluetooth driver that comes with Windows 7 and Vista doesn't have the "Turn Adapter On/Off" option, so you can't turn on the bluetooth...

To install the correct driver do the following:

  1. Run R155395.exe (Wirless 360 Module with Bluetooth) (Don't do the firmware upgrade yet)

  2. Move "bth.inf" and "bth.pnf" from C:\Windows\inf to a temporary location

  3. Uninstall the following devices: "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator" and "Generic Bluetooth Adapter"

  4. Disable the wifi/bluetooth using the hardware switch and then enable it again.

  5. Put the "bth.inf" and "bth.pnf" back in C:\Windows\inf (otherwise it won't install the driver)

  6. Open the device manager:

    • Right click the "Unknown device" and click "Update Driver Software"
    • Select "Browse my computer"
    • Direct it to "C:\Dell\drivers\R155395\Drivers"
    • Now instead of "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" you'll see "Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module"

  7. Now install the driver again (by running R155395.exe again) and this time do the firmware upgrade.


TalynOne said…
Running Windows 7 x64 editon with a D630, the drivers you linked are 32bit. Here what I did to get mine working.

My device manager already had my device listed as a Dell 630 Bluetooth, provided by Microsoft, before starting the process.

1.) I ran the x64 install for the 360 Bluetooth device from here:

Took a bit a time, and it seemed to install new firmware and a bunch of other things, after the install finishes, it will ask you to reboot, do so.

2.) Bluetooth still wouldnt' see my devices and the bluetooth light wouldn't turn on, I also didn't have an enable/disable radio option so next I installed the Toshiba Bluetooth software stack from here:

I got the one labeled
6.40.02 Windows XP x64 / Windows Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 (for tests only)

3.) After install, it will ask to reboot, do so.

4.) On first boot/run it should ask to install its icon in the tray, let it do so. I know have an "Enable/Disable Bluetooth Radio" button option form the tray icon that works! (Turns off an on Bluetooth light). And I was able to pair my Bluetooth mouse properly.
David Elentok said…
Thanks, I've been meaning to try out the x64 version, good to know there's a way to make it work.
TalynOne said…
Yep, x64 works great. At this stage there's little to no reason not to go with x64. I have 8gb of memory on my D630 and in conjunction with my 160gb Intel SSD, my systems runs like a dream now. You can get the latest video drivers for Win7 for the D630 at

Another advantage of x64 is a lot of system level viruses/spyware only affect 32bit systems.
Anonymous said…

I found a Win7 compatible Dell Wireless 360 Module Bluetooth driver (and software): R231570.exe (google).
It works, and I can enable/disable the bluetooth radio.

The problem is that it uses the Toshiba bluetooth stack. It isn't compatible with many things. So I uninstalled it again, and I am now back to the main problem:

The "Enable/Disable Bluetooth Radio" in the bluetooth tray icon context menu is missing.

Apparently, it is a hardware error?
This guy got a new bluetooth card, and it is working for him now?

Has anyone found a solution yet?
It annoys me a tiny bit :)
Silent BoB said…
Hi, first sorry for my bad english.

You must take only the 64bit drivers from Dell (R155463). And it will works fine.
go4download said…
Wonderful! thanks for your step by step guidance. it worked!@Sara
Drivers Download
GTi-Rcdn said…
Windows Update
CSR plc - Other hardware - Dell wireless 360 bluetooth module

this update will set you back to square one. best to just hide it so you dont make the mistake
cheers and thanks for the guide. couldnt stand the toshiba stack!
Anonymous said…
If following your steps this works perfectly on Windows 7, many thanks for that!
This procedure worked also the firmware is upgraded without any fault.
elielrlobo said…
Fala ae pessoal, o meu eu consegui fazer funcionar, win7 64 com esse drive da toshiba:

no site tem o drive pra 32bits tb... ta tudo OK =))
elielrlobo said…

essa eh a pagina anterior, para escolher a versao do win...

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