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Day 2: Tam-Coc

Today, we went on a guided tour to Tam-Coc (which means "three caves"). At first there were supposed to be 16 people in the tour, but in the end we were only four.

Our guide for the day, ngoc, picked us up at the hotel and we began driving to Tam-Coc. It was about 2 hours of very bumpy roads (I've noticed they really like to honk around here). We made a short stop to see the temple of the first king of Vietnam.

Once we reached Tam-Coc, we got into small boats to explore the area where each boat has one or two vietnamese people that row (some even row with their feet). It's a very beautiful place, there are giant cliffs and rice fields everywhere.

Later this evening we will be taking the night train to Sapa.

Some photos:

Buffalo rider:

Tam-Coc boats:

Drinks at dinner:

Night train cabin:

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