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Day 3: Bac-Ha market and Sapa

The night train was an interesting experience, we met a nice vietnamese couple which showed us videos of a cambodian wedding (the husband's sister).

We managed to get some sleep and woke up to see an amazing view, green trees and mountains as far as the eyes can see.

We were picked up at the train station, and after eating breakfast we went to the Bac-Ha market, the drive there was extremely curved and annoying.

The Bac-Ha market was very interesting, filled with people wearing different custumes, selling all sorts of stuff (see photos at the bottom).

After a couple of hours in the Bac-Ha market we ate lunch and went on a drive to a village in the area, in which we took a boat ride along the Chai River.

After the boat ride we moved on to Sapa and checked into the hotel (the view is truly amazing). We explored the town and bought some unique stuff.

Tommorow morning we will go to visit some of the local tribes.


Rotem making friends with three vietnamese girls:

Bac-Ha market:

Village (For the life of me, I can't remember its name):

View from our hotel in Sapa:

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