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Day 14: Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Japanese bridge and more shopping

Hi everyone,

This morning (instead of yesterday afternoon because it was way too hot) we went on a tour of the city, we saw the Phuc Kien Assembly Hall (according to the guide the Phuc Kien are a community of Chinese people who live in Vietnam), you can the see in this photo:

Inside the hall there is a temple where the Phuc Kien people pray to several gods, one of these gods is the Money God:

(There are many stores here were people have a small alters with a small Money God figure and they pray to them).

Later on we went to see a 400 year-old Japanese bridge (according to the guide the Japanese people were here before the Chinese people, and when the Chinese came the Japanese build this gate to act as a dividing line between the Japanese and Chinese parts of the city):

Not a very impressive bridge... (And why is it pink?)

The guide said they don't know exactly when it was built, but since there is a statue of a dog in one end and statue of a monkey in the other end they think it was started in the year of the monkey, and ended in the year of dog (maybe in reverse, don't know much about the animal/year Japanese thing...).

Here you can see photos of the monkey and dog statues (try to guess which is which :)... )

This guy is a fisherman we saw while walking along the river: (Slight resemblance to Herman Toothrot...)

An example of what the streets here look like:

After the tour ended we went to pick us some clothes we had ordered, and went back to the hotel. In a couple of hours we will be flying to Saigon.

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