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Day 4: Lao-Chai and Ta-Van villages

Last night we went to sleep while the entire city (Sapa) was inside a giant cloud, it was quite extraordinary.

This morning we woke up to the sounds of rain, and since the plan was to walk through some of the villages, we postponed it and slept for a few more hours until the weather got better.

After lunch we trekked to see the Lao-Chai and Ta-Van village, very beautiful places. We met some of the local people (Black H'Mong, Dzay, etc..).

In the evening we had dinner with the Dzay family where we stayed the night (at Ta-Van village), we watched our guide cook the dinner (best french fries I ever ate).

Everyone is very nice, and our guide told us many interesting stories about vietnam.

The view is absolutely amazing, green as far as the eye can see.

Some photos:


Rotem with our guide and some Black H'Mong people:

Black H'Mong lady with her baby:

Who's a cute little piggy:

One of the villages:

Village people working in the fields:

The house where we stayed (we slept on the second floor):


"You buy from me?"

Cooking dinner at the Dzay house:

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