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Prague - Day 1 (First impressions of a European city)

This morning (really really early in the morning) we have started our Prague vacation (my better half and I).

We reached the hotel at around 10am, fortunately we could check in immediately (and didn't have to wait until 2pm...) so we could get some sleep (hey, I woke up at 2am and couldn't sleep the entire flight! I needed some sleep...).

After a little rest we headed out of the hotel towards the old city.

This is my first visit to Europe and I have to say I'm really impressed, first of all, public transportation here is brilliant, the Metro (sub-way) is very simple to understand, there are three lines: red, green and yellow that can get you to almost anywhere. And instead of buying ticket per station you buy a single ticket that can be "activated" for a predefined amount of time (75 minutes, 24 hours, 72 hours, 120 hours) and while this ticket is "active" (you "activate" the ticket in the train station) it can be used for the Metro, the Tram and buses.

Another amazing thing, it's so quiet and peaceful here, no car honking, no one yelling, cars stop to let you pass, when the first couple of cars stopped I was shocked!

And the buildings... the architecture is really beautiful, I haven't taken any photos (I was too messed up from the flight and from waking up early), tommorow I'll start taking some photos.

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