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Dell D630 + Windows 7/Vista + Bluetooth

For some reason the default Bluetooth driver that comes with Windows 7 and Vista doesn't have the "Turn Adapter On/Off" option, so you can't turn on the bluetooth...

To install the correct driver do the following:

  1. Run R155395.exe (Wirless 360 Module with Bluetooth) (Don't do the firmware upgrade yet)
  2. Move bth.inf and bth.pnf from C:\Windows\inf to a temporary location
  3. Uninstall the following devices: "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator" and "Generic Bluetooth Adapter"
  4. Disable the wifi/bluetooth using the hardware switch and then enable it again.
  5. Put the bth.inf and bth.pnf back in C:\Windows\inf (otherwise it won't install the driver)
  6. Open the device manager:
    • Right click the "Unknown device" and click "Update Driver Software"
    • Select "Browse my computer"
    • Direct it to C:\Dell\drivers\R155395\Drivers
    • Now instead of "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" you'll see "Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module"
  7. Now install the driver again (by running R155395.exe again) and this time do the firmware upgrade.
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