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My High-Definition Kit

Every time I need to install the required software to play HD videos properly I start looking for links, so I decided to put everything in one place:

If you want some more control over the audio (surround sound, etc...) the you can also install AC3Filter.

Make Media Player Classic work with ffdshow

By default, Media Player Classic uses its own codecs to play the videos, but I want it to use ffdshow (better performance with HD videos) so under "View -> Options -> Internal Filters" disable all checkboxes:

Make the keyboard's volume buttons change the master volume

(instead of Media Player Classic's volume)

  • Open View -> Options -> Player -> Keys
  • Find the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" commands
  • Change the "App Command" cell from "VOLUME_UP"and "VOLUME_DOWN" to empty.

Enable hebrew subtitles

  • Open "ffdshow -> Video decoder configuration" from the start menu
  • Enable the "Subtitles" checkbox (so the subtitles will be on by default)
  • Set the "Charset" to "Hebrew"

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